Product catalog
Hand Carts
Steel and aluminum hand carts produced by Zhongbei Equipment are widely used in large-scale retail industry or cold-chain logistics manufacturers, e.g. for supermarket goods storage, move and redistribution. Like Aluminum ladder cart ZTA-6047, ladder-designed, safe and convenient for supermarket staff to make goods supply. Hand cart surface is powder coating or galvanization treatment, strong resistant to the usage environment. Characteristics: Fast, Convenient, and high capacity
Steel racks produced by Zhongbei Equipment are mainly used in daily storage, catering industry,and other industries designed by specific drawings, like golf, basketball storage racks. Characteristics: finished racks could be disassembled, space-saving for transportation or storage when it is not used.
Fence & Display Stands
Steel fences produced by Zhongbei Equipment are mainly applied in industry prodcution sites separation, like in the factory, or isolation belt in the public. Characteristics: Flexible, foldable, space-saving when it is not used